A project scaffold for getting building with Eleventy quickly.
Made by Phil for Phil, but perhaps you might also find it useful.

This site is a starting point

From this point we should already have:

Post pages

The pages found in in the posts

Links from an external data source

These links were sourced from hawksworx.com at build time.


Running locally

# install the dependencies
npm install

# External data sources can be stashed locally
npm run seed

# It will then be available locally for building with
npm run start

Add some Netlify helpers

Netlify Dev adds the ability to use Netlify redirects, proxies, and serverless functions.

# install the Netlify CLI in order to get Netlify Dev
npm install -g netlify-cli

# run a local server with some added Netlify sugar in front of Eleventy
netlify dev

A serverless functions pipeline is included via Netlify Dev. By running netlify dev you'll be able to execute any of your serverless functions directly like this:

Redirects and proxies

Netlify's Redirects API can provide friendlier URLs as proxies to these URLs.