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Hello. In this post I introduce myself, talk about some of the technologies I use on the site and share about my motivations for creating this site.


My name is Oguchi /or-goo-chi/ Nzekwe, I am a Christian and I live in Africa.

I have a BSc. in Computer Science from Curtin University. I also have a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering prior to getting my degree.

I first starting using computers with Windows 3.x mainly for trying to beat my dad's Tetris score on his Toshiba Librex laptop he brought home from work. Since then I've used every version of Windows released. I got my first email address stealing my dad's dial-up account information. I went to dell.com, yahoo.com, and hotmail.com where I registered for my first hotmail account. I still use it to this day.

About this site

The site is created using Harp, and hosted on surge.sh.

I had a lot of fun creating it and learning so many new things: iconfonts (they're great), rss, ejs, and a bit of Bootstrap. Getting the footer to stick to the bottom was interesting. Hopefully it behaves.

The idea for the site is to share my experience working with JavaScript and programming in general, to document what I have learned and to share knowledge.

The site is no where near complete. I suck at CSS so if something it's a bit off, let me know and I'll look into it when I can. But be aware that the site remains in perpertual flux and hence will never be complete.

The actual design I had in mind was much cleaner, much simpler, even stark. Overtime I can see a kind of metamorphosis of this site to the original idea.


I think I've covered the important bits. You can follow me on twitter (@oguching) if you have questions. I'm so glad I'm doing this and hope you can join me on this epic ride.