Building Riser

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I've been working on Riser, a Harp template that will hopefully replace the current look of this site. The goals for Riser are quite modest:

Of course it has to be responsive, bla bla bla. I want it to represent everything I've learned about design since building the current site, let's call it v1. When I started on v1 I had some goals but it was just taking too long to implement everything I had in mind that I decided on a hard deadline and pushed it live regardless of how incomplete it was. While that was great, there are things about v1 that make me cringe.

One of my goals for 2016 is to level up on my HTML and CSS so this is the perfect project to accomplish that. I hope I can write a bit more about the process of building Riser and share some resources along the way.


While reading reading design in color Jonathan White talks about identifying purpose:

Before doing anything else, first identify the purpose of your design. Good design aligns its color palette with its purpose.

What I want Riser to be is a bold, modern, professional, minimalist design. I want it to be appealing to the eyes and convey a sense of confidence.


The main audience is me. I'm making Riser mainly for me. Since I'm part of the JavaScript community, I want that to reflect in the design as well.

I'm taking it slow on purpose, trying to get things just right and be deliberate about each decision and I hope you will join me along this ride.