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The fact that I'm writing this post means I really need this service.

I've been wanting a place/tool/service/whatever that is like tumblr where I can post random stuff and have each item reachable from a url. It has to be as easy to use as possible, if not I just won't use it. So going from idea to actual post should take as little steps as possible and should be pain-free.

It makes sense to store data in json. However, as I want to be lean I'm thinking, why not just use json? For everything. No markdown, just json? So a new post would look something like

      "88888": {
        "post": "hello world"

This can work can't it? But what if I want to include links in a post? Or a list?

I could just use harp for this since I have some experience with it but I don't want to. I like harp a lot but I want something more barebones as much as possible.

All this is me just thinking out loud.

Naturally it will be written in JavaScript, I'm not sure whether to go client-side or server side for this yet but it will be one or the other.

You might ask why not just use tumblr or twitter? Well, I want to build it myself. I want to host it. It's for me.