Automate error-prone process

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I use Harp to build this site. To write a new post, I'd go to /blog and create a new markdown file, and add the file metadata to _data.json. When I'm done, I'd then run harp compile --output ../_site which compiles all assets to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on to _site folder.

In the _site folder I create a CNAME and then run surge to upload the new changes to More than once I've forgotten to add the CNAME and quite frankly I wish it was easier to go from markdown file to publish but it is what it is. There's room for Grunt or Gulp to help with this process however I'm a fan of using less tools, so what can we do? NPM scripts!

I wrote a thing to compile the site and copy the CNAME file to _site. In the package.json file, in the scripts section I added:

"compile": "harp compile --output ../_site && cp CNAME ../site"
So now all I do is npm run compile and then run surge. No errors, less steps, happy.